GET IT! The keys for obtaining a Certificate

When you decide to take an official exam to get your certificate, it is because they have advised you to do it or because you think you have mastered the language. So, why do many people fail on the first try?

All languages, English, French, Euskara, German... have their corresponding exam. The problem is that most students get very nervous or do not know what they are going to face. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you take the exam calmly.

What do I face?

First of all, you have to "to know your enemy", in other words, to know what you are going to face in the exam. It is essential to know every part, the skills you will need, what is required in each part and how much time you have to complete each of them.

Before taking the exam, you should prepare it in a qualified academy, being guided by professional teachers. As an extra work, one of the best thing to do at home is to get into the official pages, download exam models and do them on your own. This way, you can see how long it takes you to take the test and in which part is more difficult for you and which one you dominate.

Organize yourself

Right after, it's time to organize a work plan. You should know all the parts of the exam, dedicating more time to those ones in which you struggle. A couple of hours of every day practice does not have to be a beating.  Move forward little by little and try to minimise your mistakes.

Practice the Writing

Perhaps the easiest part to practice is the written part since you can do it on your own without needing anyone. Even if it is always convenient to check your writings with an expert, in order to correct them and receive feedback, there are many methods to practice it.

You can write essays by checking models from reliable sources and reading books online. The latter may not help you with the actual writing but you will definitely acquire lots of vocabulary that you can use the day of the exam.

Practice the Speaking part

The oral part may be somewhat more difficult to practice on your own, but do not be afraid to try new methods. There are many places where you can attend student meetings to have conversations. It may be the ideal way to practice a second language and, at the same time, meet new people. You can also watch series or movies in the original version to acquire new vocabulary and a more natural accent.

In addition, you can also try one of the most effective methods to obtain your language certification: taking an English course abroad for exam preparation. With this immersive method you will be exposed to the language in a natural way and it will be not so difficult to acquire fluency and improve your skills.

Exam day

When the exam day arrives, be mindful and try to calm down, the exam is just like any other test, it does not have to be scary. Read the instructions well, be careful with the handwriting, do not cross words out... Above all, you must be very careful with time. Do it as you have practiced in the academy. Do not leave too many questions to the end. Read them slowly but do not spend too much time on every question, time is very important in this type of exam.

The oral part is usually the most problematic for the students as they fear getting stuck or not knowing what to say. When this part arrives, all you have to do is to take a deep breath. You have the knowledge and the necessary vocabulary to be able to carry it out successfully, you just have to worry about listening well to the questions, vocalizing and speaking slowly.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to pass your exam and obtain your language certificate!

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