Translation and Interpreting

Overall management service to resolve all our customers’ requirement.

    • We have a modern, solid department that is capable of providing a differentiated value in translation services regarding results, style and work philosophy.
    • We offer an overall management service carried out by our efficient staff, which covers everything from written translation of general and technical texts, to liaison, consecutive, simultaneous interpreting or linguistic accompaniment.
    • Thanks to the close collaboration between clients and the project manager, we have implanted the necessary monitoring mechanisms to:
      • ensure the meeting of delivery deadlines;
      • guarantee the accuracy of the translations;
      • implant a continuous improvement system that is clearly client orientated;
      • keep the strictest confidentiality regarding the information received

    • We advise clients at all times about the most suitable type of interpreting for the success of the project and we carefully choose the interpreters in accordance with the subject and the type of interpretation
    • We have the best technical and audiovisual services available to guarantee that everything is coordinated towards a common goal: a job well done.


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